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What is diamond microdermabrasion? 

Diamond peel microdermabrasion is a dual skin rejuvenating procedure that 1) gently abrades the outermost layer of skin with a diamond tip and 2) removes the dead skin cells. These actions promote the growth of new healthy skin cells and improve overall skin appearance .


What diamond tip should I use? 

There are two microdermabrasion diamond tips to choose from. The white diamond tip is for sensitive skin and the silver diamond tip is for normal to coarser skin. If unsure of what type of skin you have, start with the white diamond tip and if you are not getting the results you want, switch to the silver diamond tip.


Which treatment level should I use? 

There are three treatment levels: low, medium and high. You should start at the low setting and increase to medium or high as your skin adjusts and feels comfortable to the higher suction level.


How long should the treatment take?

Most treatments will take between 5-10 minutes, depending on the size of your face.


How soon will I see improvements? 

Everyone has a different skin type, the response to GLO-ME microdermabrasion treatments will vary from person to person. Most people will see visible facial improvement results after the very first treatment, and continued improvement over time.


How often should I use GLO-ME? 

GLO-ME treatments are gentle enough that you can administer every other day. For optimal results you should use at least 2-3 times a week.