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How does it work

Glo me portable diamond microdermabrasion

GLO-ME is a portable diamond microdermabrasion device that gently removes the upper layer of dead skin cells exposing the new supple, glowing layer of skin for a brighter & smoother complexion. Reaching deep inside your pores, GLO-ME removes dirt and oil.
GLO-ME exfoliation increases blood flow to the skin, and improves overall skin appearance.

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So EASY to use!

  • Turn on (Batteries included)
  • Adjust the treatment level
  • Move GLO-ME along the different areas of the face using gently outward strokes.

A full GLO-ME treatment takes between 5-10 minutes.

Pre-treatment preparation

Preparing your skin

  • Wash your skin to remove make-up, oils and dirt
  • Make sure your skin is dry

Preparing GLO-ME

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Place a new filter on the knob

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Select the type of diamond tip* and connect it to the device by twistingpreparing-glo-me-2 and tightening it firmly against the device.

                   * Tip type :White For sensitive skin / Silver For regular skin 


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Press the power button to turn on

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Adjust the vacuum level: press the power button to switch between:

                      Red – High
                      Orange – Medium
                      Green - Low

Note: Your first GLO-ME treatment should be set on LOW.

Important: Before use, test on a small and concealed skin area and check if any skin irritation appears.



Lower face

Start the GLO-ME treatment at the chin, move along the jaw and then towards the ear using gentle outward strokes. Move the tip higher to treat the whole cheek area. Move to the other side of the face and repeat as above.



Starting at the center of forehead using gentle outward strokes on one side and when that area is finished, move to the other side of the forehead.


Starting on one side and gently glide the GLO up and down. Then switch to the other side.

Upper lip area

Start from the center using gentle sideway strokes on one side and then move to the other side.




  • Remove the filter and throw away.
  • Clean the tip according to cleaning instructions.
  • For post-treatment care, it is recommended to apply sunblock.